As I wrote earlier, a quarrel in the family is normal, for a person in its entirety, this is quite a natural phenomenon. Detailed information can be found on this site. However, each person perceives conflicts in his life in his own way, according to his internal representation about them, which can be too biased. Click here to learn more. It is impossible to react painfully to conflicts with people, these are too high moral costs. If you want to know more click here. Even when we are talking about scandals in the family, it still should be easier. This simplicity should be in the conclusions that you need to make after the scandal. Details can be read here. When your head is cold and cold, and you will be able to reason rationally. Additional information here. All that needs to be done is to find the place of the collision of two EGOs, well, or three or more, depending on the scale of the scandal.

It is this clash, unconsciously raging egoism, that leads to thunder and lightning, just as a clash of clouds leads to a similar, in a literal sense. If you are interested, then the details are written on this site. But all this must be understood and worked on, in order to prevent such a scenario in the future. Detailed information can be found on this site. You do not want to quarrel and swear all the time, only because of dissatisfaction with your ideas about how another person should act, provided that you do what you want? I hope you are not supporters of tyranny in the family, because for the family in its normal presentation, this is completely unacceptable. Click here to learn more. Although people live that way, this life is far from happy. But in this article we will talk about the spread of family quarrels in the outside world. Find out more here. I do not highly recommend this, knowing full well that very many, especially women, do just that. Of course, you can discuss your family problems with some people who can help in their resolution. Find out more information here. This is mainly psychologists, and this should be professional psychologists who are not interested in the conflict between the two sides. Details can be read here. This is necessary in order that your family wound, and the conflict is exactly so and can be characterized, did not lead to the death of the whole family. Additional information here. Of course you can say how this psychologist may not be interested in human problems, if their availability is his bread? Yes, your problems, for us psychologists, it’s bread, but in most cases they become bread, provided that we solve them. If you are interested, then the details are written on this site.

And can your friends, co-workers, your relatives solve your family problems, after all, in general, all those people to whom you first of all tell us about your family problems? I’m not talking about what everyone does. Detailed information can be found on this site. Perhaps it is you who are a respected reader, perfectly understand the meaninglessness of carrying out quarrels from a hut, but often the desire to share and gain support from the outside, imposes a veil on your intelligence, blinding you and contributing to making mistakes. If you are a curious person, then you can read interesting information. Why should not you share your family problems with anyone, what is so dangerous about this? In fact, in general, no problems should not be shared, unless you set a goal – to mislead someone. But if you do it sincerely, telling all about yourself, then you tell other people about your weaknesses. Find out more here. And they can take advantage of this.