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TICKETS “dalegroup” integration

There is a Hack to help integrate TICKETS “dalegroup” into formaya forms. Here are the steps: 1.- Download the following files and save them somewhere in your tickets installation: formaya_sendticket.php api_client.class.php 2.-Login to you account at Formaya and create a new form, or start with this template 3. Add a hidden field, then in the […]

Ways to Promote Forms In Social Media

The social media in the current context is an extremely powerful medium with an extensive reach and the perfect tool to spread your message and get your initiatives to a wide audience base available online. A fundamental question that arises at this juncture is how best to promote your forms on the social medium? Would […]

User Experience Best Practices For Forms

From taking admission to the school of your choice to giving your feedback in your favorite restaurant, forms are everywhere now. But the prospect of filling up forms can be a very painful task, even frustrating at times. Is the alignment of the labels or the use of multiple colors distracting you? The complex formatting […]

How to Make Facebook Surveys

In an era of social media and the global internet explosion, Facebook is one of the most powerful tools of mass connection. The number of Facebook users is perhaps rising at the same rate as the world population, currently estimated at 2 over billion users. Therefore when you are planning a survey, it is fundamental […]

Event Registration Forms: Key Requirements

Organizing any event can be quite an uphill task and if you add to that the task of creating a unique registration form then it becomes a big ask. But don’t worry, a little dose of imagination coupled with a practical outlook will take you a long way to creating an attractive registration form and […]