Form Controls


Form Options: Use this to control form settings like email notifications, integrations, form submission messages / re-direction etc …

Styling: You can style the form structure here. You can also control the styles of some general elements, like labels, validation errors etc …

Form Fields


These are the various field options available. Click on the button to add the field in the form. The Submit button field is added when the form is first used, and it cannot be deleted. File Upload field and Captcha field cannot be added more than once in the same form.

The reason why File Upload field cannot be added more than once is that the file uploader supports uploading multiple files, using the same field.

Field Options


Field Options appear in the form builder when you click on a field in the form on the right-hand side. These options appear on the left-hand side, under Form Fields. Most of the fields have a different set of field options.

The number you see on the top-left corner of the Field Options is the field ID, which is used during setting of Conditional Laws

You can Delete the field by pressing the Trash button on the top-right corner.

Form Preview


You can see the Form Preview in the right-hand side of the form builder. To edit a field, click on it. When you do so, field options for that field will appear on the left-hand side.

The number you see against each field is the Field ID

Almost all the changes made to the form, including changes in Form Options, and Styling are updated instantly in this form. To see how the form will finally look on your page (which would be hardly different from the look of the form here) click on the Live Preview link above this form.