Email Notifications

You can receive email notifications of all form submissions. You can set a different list of email recipients for each form too!
To get emails, add your email id to the List of Recipients. To configure email notifications, see below:

Methods of Sending Emails
  1. Formaya Mail function (default)
    This method uses server’s config to send emails. You can specify two fields – Sender Name, and Sender Email. Neither of these fields is compulsory.  This method is the default set up.
  2. User SMPT Authentication
    This method requires a working email account, and uses it to send emails. It requires a valid host path, username and password. You can use the details of your Gmail / Yahoo account here to send emails.
    You can also choose to enable SSL. Certain email providers will require you to compulsorily enable this option.
Send Test Email

After selecting the right method, filling up the details, and adding at least one email id to the List of Recipients, you can use this option to send a test email. It you get the email, you’re all set to go!


You can send autoresponders to people who fill out your forms. The email configuration used here will be the same as the config used for sending email notifications.
You can configure the content of autoresponders from the Email AutoResponders tab under Form Options
To send autoresponders, add an email field and check the option Send Autoreply to this Email

Version 1.3.4 of FormCraft adds the feature of adding dynamic content to your autoresponder email. See this very simple example:

1. You have a field with the label Name in your form



2. In your autoresponder text, you add [Name]





3. And the final email your user gets is like this!



Note: Please note that using entries from the form in your auto-responder email does not work for fields which can have multiple possible values, like matrix, multi-choices …

Formaya 1.4.2
The 1.4.2 udpdate to Formaya also allows you to use variables from the form in the following

  1. Autoresponder email subject
  2. Notification email subject
  3. Sender Name ( under Email Settings)
  4. Sender Email (  under Email Settings)

To use values from the form, use the field label, enclosed in square brackets, e.g. [Name] or [Email]. These labels are case-sensitive.