Event Registration Forms: Key Requirements

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Organizing any event can be quite an uphill task and if you add to that the task of creating a unique registration form then it becomes a big ask. But don’t worry, a little dose of imagination coupled with a practical outlook will take you a long way to creating an attractive registration form and can actually help you alleviate some stress. So how should you go about creating this form? Firstly, think of interesting ways to attract more participants.

Several websites now offer readymade templates that also give you the option to customize them. One interesting feature offered by many is an auto shutdown, which means if you have set a target for 1000 attendants for your event; the registration form software will ensure that the process shuts down after it reaches 1000 participants. In this way, you do not have to manually count the number of registration received. Here are some other fields that are crucial

Contact Information:

Creating a contact base is crucial but do not design it in a way that it becomes intrusive or too long  so as to lose the user’s patience. Keep it to the most basic requirements needed to organize the event. Fields like name, email address and phone number at the most. Think about your target purpose and work on it accordingly.

Customize Background/color scheme:

Most websites offer a readymade form template but if you want your registration form to stand out then it is best to customize it. You may want to change the background with the logo of your event. Change the color combination to something that goes well with your event and is visually appealing at the same time.

Payment Procedure:

This is a crucial aspect yet a complicated process might lead to many participants opting out of the event. It is a good idea to integrate an online payment processor with multiple options like credit/debit cards and net banking as well. This would mean that the prospect participant doesn’t have to face any hassle registering for the event, and you do not tie him/her down to a specific mode of payment. At the same time, the fees collected add to the overall event revenue which is important for hosting the event.

Future links:

If one of the key purposes of hosting the event is to improve the future marketing list, you might want to give the participants the option to either continue receiving the newsletter or any promotional material. With a simple yes or no the participant can opt in or out.


Of course, your form can also have options to buy merchandise, and you can give the offer of a free T-shirt or mug to all those who register. Your form can have a separate section with the Yes/No option, so just those who are interested can browse through the memorabilia or merchandise they may want to buy.

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