1. How Do I Make the Forms Responsive?
    The forms are responsive by default. No effort is required from you on this.
  2. Can I Duplicate a Form
    Yes, you can. Click on Add Form, and select the form to duplicate from the dropdown box. Add a name, and add the form.
  3. How Do I Disable, or Remove the Form Title?
    You can leave the text of the form title blank, and the title won’t show up in the forms.
  4. Can I integrate the forms with PayPal, or some other payment gateway?
    Yes, see this viedo tutorial.
  5. Can I Use the Upload field to Upload Multiple documents, images, and other file types
    Yes, you can use the file upload field to upload multiple files of any type.
  6. How Can I see attachments from Users who Uploaded the files
    The submission email you receive will contain links to their uploaded files. You can also view all files from the File Manager tab in Formaya admin panel.
  7. Can a Form Submission email be sent to Multiple Recipients?
    Yes, the email notifications can be sent to any number of recipients.
  8. The form on my page does not appear like the one in the preview. On the page, there are huge spaces between fields.
    This is probably because your form is enclosed in a pre tag. Use div, instead of pre. In the Edit Page / Post page, go to the text tab, and remove the pre tags before and after your FormCraft shortcode.
  9. I need more help!
    You can send a support request to: