How to Make Facebook Surveys

In an era of social media and the global internet explosion, Facebook is one of the most powerful tools of mass connection. The number of Facebook users is perhaps rising at the same rate as the world population, currently estimated at 2 over billion users. Therefore when you are planning a survey, it is fundamental that Facebook is one of the top destinations for getting maximum hits and reaching the largest possible user base. So when a survey is catering to that huge platform, do the rules change while creating a survey? How do you make it effective while addressing the individual preferences of such a wide cross section of users?

Embed It on Facebook

The golden rule is that while creating a survey, do not let your target users leave. Embed it into Facebook, giving it to users on a platter. You will realize that this little effort on your end will increase the number of website hits, and a lot more people are more likely to take the survey when it simply pops up on their newsfeed page. Also, when users realize many of their friends and family are taking the survey, it encourages them to take it as well.

Make It Mobile Friendly

Always keep in mind a good percentage of Facebook users are using smart phone and touch screens to access the site. So whatever you might want to ask, ensure that your page doesn’t go on endlessly. Rather it should be confined to a length that can be easily viewed on an iPad or a touchscreen tablet/phone. Also, a long survey will not be able to keep the viewer’s interest for long. The idea is to keep it short, relevant and to the point. So think hard and design your questionnaire intelligently.

Include the Fun Element

Any survey that you fashion for Facebook must address its core elements: fun, entertaining and have some personality. In other words, it would be much better or more effective if users had a page of descriptive and perhaps querky questions rather than the usual boring registration style questions. Also look at innovating ways of publishing the results in such a way that users actually take pride in taking the survey and also encourage their acquaintances to take it. This will shoot up the average hit rate to way higher than a conventional approach of target can achieve.


In a nutshell, Facebook can be a cheap and effective way to reach a varied cross section of users with maximum impact. The responses can also give you a comprehensive idea about the kind of users who would be more interested in this kind of survey and will provide comprehensive insight into personality preferences. The feedback from them is almost instantaneous and gives you the opportunity to improve your product real-time.

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