What Does it Do?

This integration allows you to add to your list of subscribers using forms made with Formaya.com. You can also pass other fields, like name, address to your list using the forms.

Activation Steps

  1. Go to the Formaya.com admin panel and click on the Add-Ons tab
    formaya-MailChimp Integration
  2. You need to enter your API key here. Follow the link on the page to get the key. Enter the key and click on Save. If the key validates, it will be saved.
  3. Create a new form, and add an email field and a one-line text field. Go to Form Options -> Integration: Campaign Monitor.cm(note: you will see the option Integration: Campaign Monitor only if you have successfully entered a valid API key)
  4. You need to enter the list id here. You are likely to find it under Lists & Subscribers -> change name/type
  5. Click on the email field which was added in the form. In the field options, check the option Add to Campaign Monitor. Click on the other one-line text field and enter NAME against the field Custom. This field will take user’s Name as input.
  6. That’s it! The form is ready.