TICKETS “dalegroup” integration

There is a Hack to help integrate TICKETS “dalegroup” into formaya forms.

Here are the steps:

1.- Download the following files and save them somewhere in your tickets installation:

2.-Login to you account at Formaya and create a new form, or start with this template

3. Add a hidden field, then in the “Label” field write: ticket, and in the “Value” field write: true


4.-Add a “One Line Text” field and write: “name” in the Custom box.
5. Add a “One Line Text” field and write: “Subject” in the Custom box.

6.-Add a “Dropdown” field and add as many items as you have in your tickets departments, they have to match the name.
7.-Add a “Paragraph Text Input” field and write: “Description” in the Custom box

8.-Click on “Form Options” , go to Number 6. On Form Submission and write in the url in the Redirection section. The url is where you uploaded formaya_sendticket.php and api_client.class.php files

Now it should send a ticket to your tickets installation when forms are submitted. You can add as may fields as you want and the info will be added to the body of the ticket.



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